Career coaching

If you are looking for help to find your next career opportunity or seeking guidance to develop in your current job role, you might want to try career coaching. It will enable you to

  • tackle specific challenges and dilemmas
  • change behaviour and increase your personal power
  • recharge your existing job
  • clarify what a new job entails and how to go about finding it
Career coaching


Topics are flexible and will be tailored to suit your specific needs and requirements.
Frequent topics include:

  • Self-image and competencies
  • Defining your career potential 
  • Motivation and values
  • Conditions impacting your options
  • Job search activities

The course

I offer individual sessions organised to suit your needs. Each meeting lasts 1.5 hour and may be planned to take place at fixed intervals (for instance once a month) or we can plan from one time to the next. Shorter sessions via phone/skype between meetings are included. The course is available as a voucher for 5 or 10 sessions. An other option is affiliating me to your company as a coach.


We will schedule your meetings individually, and they will take place in your company or in the meeting facilities of the office community Symbion, Fruebjergvej 3, 2100 Copenhagen Ø

Words from my clients

Through dialogue and simple tools, Marianne has helped me determine my work-related motivations and drivers, and which professional skills to focus on in my future work life.
Niels Kirkebye

Head of Marketing

Dear Marianne, thanks a lot for yet another very inspiring meeting – this really gives me energy! You are very good at helping me to establish an overview of my skills. You are a very good listener who quickly acquaint yourself with the situation and helps to express and concretise it.
Dorte Creaven

General Manager, Operations Optimization, MOL , Nordic Tankers Trading A/S

Marianne is confidence-inspiring and I instantly felt comfortable in her company. She is a great listener, and what was more important to me – she dared challenge me. This was very valuable to me, as I had an idea about myself and my values, which needed some healthy stirring up.
Elsebeth Arnvig

Rental Manager, Volvo Truck Center Danmark A/S

Marianne takes care to ensure that you make your own realisations. She does not provide you the correct answer, but encourages you take the ‘journey’ yourself, in order for you to take ownership. Marianne has been a good thougt partner for me to move on with new perspectives, and I give her my best recommendations.
Malene Blangshøj

Chief consultant, The Danish Environmental Protection Agency

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