At MOL Nordic Tankers we believe that a strong culture is essential to achieving good results. When choosing an external business partner we therefore attach great importance to the understanding of our business and culture, and we value our cooperation with Conmigo and Marianne Beck, who shows a good appreciation of our needs and the task of ensuring the right conduct in our organisation. We have chosen to work with an affiliated external coach, to provide our employees with a safe space where they may express their thoughts freely without having to worry about political correctness. We primarily use Conmigo on management level for managers in need of discussing their daily challenges and strategic deliberations, or for upcoming talents getting equipped for the role to avoid slips and raising them to the next level.

Annette Hasenberg

SVP, People, Communication & Culture, MOL, Nordic Tankers Trading A/S

Marianne enabled me to create opportunities for myself to act constructively on my ongoing challenges. Marianne took a listening, but yet critical and curious approach as to how I had gotten myself into the situations in question. Therefore I needed to see things from new angles. In each session we would decide on goals and ‘homework’ for our next meeting. Marianne also coached some of my colleagues, and she kept a fine balance of keeping a common thread without mentioning any names or specific situations. I experienced the luxury that my entire course was about understanding my challenges in the right context, and to switch on the belief that to a great extend, I myself was able to affect everything in a better direction. As a bonus, Marianne’s good energy and mood had a way of rubbing off on me, so all things considered, I can only recommend Marianne for at coaching course.

Lene Geismar

CFO, BHS Logistics A/S

I have had the pleasure of using Marianne as a coach in a time of my life, where I was moving towards an unsound stressful situation caused by dissatisfaction with conditions at my workplace. Marianne helped me express and structure the things I was unsatisfied with, and to clarify my options in terms of changing the situation. Marianne is an active listener and she is extremely good at summarizing and structuring everything I was telling her, to make it clear to me what my problems actually are, and what possible solutions I may have. Thus, the chaos in your head becomes clearer to you. This enables you to cope with the situation, and you move from frustration to seeing possibilities. Another advantage is Marianne’s positive approach and her sense of humour. This makes life a little easier, when you find yourself in a tough time of your life.

Lars Roldsgaard

IT Specialist, Udviklings- og Forenklingsstyrelsen

I have had a course of sessions with Marianne, with the main focus being communication – verbal and non-verbal. Marianne understood my situation, and provided me with the tools to work with specific areas of development from session to session. Our conversations took a starting point in my work-related situations. Marianne asked me the right questions to help me find solutions as to how I might have handled various episodes differently. Even though my sessions with Marianne primarily focused on communication, we also touched upon other subjects, and I would definitely recommend Marianne for a session on human values.

Maria Sløk

Compliance Specialist, Xellia Pharmaceuticals ApS

Through my conversations with Marianne, I came to realise that I needed to work in another line of business, in order to be able to work with the tasks that I am most dedicated to. With her extremely positive and holistic approach, Marianne gave me the guidance, support, and tools needed to navigate in a new direction. She is very good at giving a new perspective and pointing out the qualifications I hold, but which I couldn’t see for myself. Marianne has very much contributed to me being able to clarify my dreams and expectations for my work life, and she was with me on the sideline during the entire process. On the basis of my time with Marianne, I changed my line of business and found my dream job. I recommend Marianne warmly, and I will not hesitate to turn to her again, should I have the need.

Katja Krabbe

Product Manager, Q8 Danmark A/S

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